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Instruction to Application of TC Razor
Slitting Knife in Corrugating Industry

  Tungsten carbide razors slitting knife (TC razor) are the knives with very high weariness. If TC razor are used in proper way, they could improve the slitting result of container board and prolong its running life greatly, but adversely, TC razor is very brittle, it will be easily broken, if they are not used properly. So the operators of TC razor must pay much attention to following items.
I. Purchase
  It is just because of its brittle characteristic, TC razor could not be afford the impact and friction by foreign object, so the TC razor are not allowed used in the slitting machine with low accuracy. For such machines, HSS razor are recommended.
II Moving and Storage
  During moving, TC razor must be taken very carefully and lightly, are not allowed to touch any other objects, and put on the frame or working table horizontally.
III. Checking before TC razor Assembly

1. Knife holder
 1. Its run-out in axial and radius directions, is it big?
 2. Its face to be put on the TC razor, is it flat, or damaged?
 3. Is this face lower than out side? It is absolutely not allowed.
 4. Is there any dirt or other objects on the surface? It is not allowed too!

2. The fitness between ID of TC razor and arbor.
  It should not be too tight, otherwise, TC razor could not be fully contacted with the holder surface, and then it will be easily broken when the screws are tightened.?

3.The lubricating components
  TC razor must be located in the middle of lubricating groove with even clearness to the groove walls. Otherwise, TC razor would have friction with groove wall, and afford the uneven force, and then will be easily broken. Please check whether the lubricating components or knife holder are loose or not, which would make above situation happen.

  4.The container board supporting roll
  In order to slit the container board, the cutting edge of TC razor must penetrated
into the groove of container board supporting roll about 5-10mm. Please check whether TC knife have even clearness with groove wall. The reason is as same as
lubricating components.

  1. Whether TC razor have breakages on the cutting edge, and the cracks or dried glue on the knife surface?

IV. TC razor Assembly
 1. After checking, put the knife on the holder carefully, operators start to twist the screws to the holes of holder alternatively in diagonal direction with even force.

 2. After TC razor is put on the holder, operators should slowly rotate the TC razor, and check following items meanwhile: its run-out, location in the grooves of lubricating components and board support roll, and the location between grinding wheels.

V. Knife grinding

  1. Checking the grinding wheel system:
    1. Its run-out
    2. Wheel frames are loose or not
    3. Bearing’s rotation is normal or not smooth.
  2. Adjust the clearness between TC razor and wheels properly. Its clearness with wheel must be very even, otherwise, the wheel would twist the knife to broken.
  3. The inclining wheels must fit the angle of TZ razor’s cutting edge. Too big or too small will affect the slitting result. The twin wheel must be symmetric, and inclined at the same angles. The operators could check it by measuring the length of cutting edge two sides.
  4. Choice the right grit size of diamond wheel. Usually they are 180/240, i.e. D76 or D91.
  5. Unqualified bearings will be worn-out very soon, or loose, dead, and then damage the TC razor. The operators must check the bearings very often.
  6. The compressed air to push the wheel during grinding could not be too big. If so, it will create the impact to TC razor, and then damage the TC razor easily. Some slitting machines with manually grinding system, the force are not allowed to be too big too.
  7. The time between twice grinding will depend on the sharpness of cutting edge and the quality of corrugating container board. Too frequent grinding will reduce its running life. If the TC razors have already got some breakage like saw, it must be replaced.
  8. If operators find the TC razor is still not sharp enough, or the side edge of container board are sunk and have serious burr after wheel grinding, they need to re-check all above items.

VI Running
 1.If some TC razor are immediately broken as soon as the machine start to run, it must result from the improper knife assembly. Please recheck all above items. TC knife are not ground properly
 2.When TC razor is located in the working position, it is not allowed to pull the board manually.
 3.Operators should closely keep an eye on the running of TC razor during machine operation.
VII. Safe
 1. Operators must read this application instruction carefully before US TC razor.
 2. Operators must obey above instruction strictly; otherwise, the broken TC razor will not damaged the machine and container board, but also hurt the operators themselves.
 3. Operators must use gloves during knife moving and assembling.
4. If any questions, please contact us:

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