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  Chengdu Si Rui Te Carbide Knives Co.,Ltd. is located in the western suburb of beautiful “ Rongcheng”, the alias of Chengdu. It is a manufacturer professionally to produce the special tungsten carbide knife. The main TC products include followings:

  1. The serial of razor blade with logo of “Jingrui” in corrugating container industry:.
  2. Different kinds of solid and inlayed TC knife used in paper making, printing industries.
  3. Serial of solid and inlayed circular TC knife to slit the metal plate.
  4. Different kinds of TC knife used in electronic, chemical fiber, plastics, tobacoo industries, including, circular knife, ring knife, saw, carving knife, and special type knife, non-standard knife, wear ring and so on.
  5. TC blank with different code.

  Above products have been supplied to many famous enterprises in USA and Europe for completing their equipment for long time, they are warmly welcome by many customers in China and abroad.

  Chengdu Si Rui Te not only has more than 100 sets of good production and inspecting equipment from mixture of TC material, pressing, sintering, up to finishing grinding, but also has a professional team being involved in science research and production of TC products, Our TC razor knife in corrugating container with super fine grits is granted “ Science and Technology Creativeness Award” by Science and Technology Div. of Sichuan Province Government.

  “Constantly improvement, Going forward with keen determination” are our action principal. “To offer good TC products to our customers, and meet their requirements” are always our eternal target.

  Please believe us, we are your best partner for cooperation!

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